Virtual Experiences: Virtual Poster Hall.


Group projects can provide invaluable benefit to an online course, but they also present a challenge, particularly when there is no platform available for an effective completion of the group project.


To deliver an unparalleled online group work experience that accomplishes the original learning objectives


Auburn Online designed and created a Virtual Poster Exhibit Hall where students create and display their group’s academic poster.


Auburn Online regularly flexes cutting-edge technology to build innovative solutions that elevate the learning experience.

For years, students in Dr. Min Zhong’s BIOL 1020 (Principles of Biology) class have completed a group research project and accompanying presentation. The group project is an academic poster on one of the six categories. Students present the posters, and peers can listen to synchronous presentations of these posters.

Just because a class is being offered online does not mean the faculty have to give up a core component of the course! Auburn Online addressed this challenge through the following implementation:

  1. Auburn Online developed an academic poster template and provided a platform where students can work on the poster. Further, students asynchronously recorded video presentations and combined them into one presentation.
  2. Students submitted their group academic poster and video recording of their presentation for a graded assignment.
  3. Auburn Online constructed a Virtual Poster Hall to serve as a platform that allowed peers, faculty, administrators, and other interested observers to asynchronously “visit” the Virtual Poster Hall and view the presentations and submissions.

The Virtual Poster Hall was constructed using Rhino3D and XXX software, and delivered on a website hosted by XXX to allow browsing using either a web browser or a virtual headset.

Visit the Virtual Poster Hall now.

Partners for Success

Dr. Min Zhong and the Department of Biological Sciences