Lifting Library Skills.


Research requires information literacy and library skills to work effectively. Auburn Libraries had a series of learning tutorials needing to be created or improved upon


Create engaging Library tutorials that can be delivered through multiple platforms.


Auburn Online transformed the original training material into engaging tutorials that can be delivered via the Library’s website and as modules within Canvas LMS.


Auburn Online leveraged the capabilities of Articulate Rise 360 and custom coding to build engaging tutorials for Keywording and Academic Search Premier tutorials. The tutorials provide foundational knowledge, practice opportunities, Any student or faculty member can take this tutorial to learn about the effective ways of researching on website. Faculty members can also deploy the videos on Canvas to teach in their classes.

Additional tutorials are being developed thanks to a Breeden Grant in 2019.

The Keywording tutorial was featured by the American Library Association (ALA) as the Peer-Reviewed Instruction Materials Online (PRIMO) Site of the Month in April 2019. Read the full ALA PRIMO Interview.

Partners for Success

Auburn University Libraries – Toni Carter, Delaney Bullinger