Bridging the Working Gap.


Students tend to compartmentalize knowledge and are typically not able to find linkages and relationships between two different subjects. Additionally, if there is time gap between two sequence courses, students are not able to retain the knowledge and require a refresher before they can be successful in the follow-on course.


Provide opportunities for students to minimize learning gaps and find connections between similar topics in different subjects.


Auburn Online recognized the need of an immersive learning experience and designed and developed refresher courses that are self-paced and self-guided to help students recall concepts from earlier coursework. Also, the courses were developed to encourage integrative learning.


‘From Math to Physics’ bridge course allows students to traverse through the concepts of math to the laws of physics. Students are guided through challenges in a role-playing scenario to develop a game. As a game developer, they observe a math concept and map it to a corresponding physics concept. If they are stuck, supplemental resources like “game developer consultant” videos assist them with their learning.

Preparation of Organic Chemistry II is a self-paced and self-guided refresher course of key concepts from Organic Chemistry I that students can take before starting Organic Chemistry II. Students engage with concepts from the earlier course to reinforce their learning.

Partners for Success

Physics – Dr. Stuart Loch, Dr. Ameya Kolarkar, Dr. Uwe Kanopka
Mathematics – Dr. Regina Jackson, Dr. Richard Zalik
Chemistry – Dr. Anne Gorden
Chemistry – Dr. Stewart Schneller