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Fully-Online Undergraduate Degree Completion Programs

Auburn University offers three fully-online degree completion programs:

Our online degree programs allow students to finish their undergraduate degrees in a dynamic and innovative online learning environment, where traditional instructional methods are merged with modern technology. The programs are offered 100 percent online, which means you can move your career forward from any location and earn a diploma from a nationally recognized university.

As an online student, you’ll join the Auburn Family, a warm community of fellow scholars which extends beyond our physical campus and into our innovative online network, helping to keep you connected to your peers and professors every step of the way.


Connect with an admissions advisor today:

Ashley Bond
(334) 844-3833

Student Success Coordinator

Each student in the online degree completion programs is assigned a Student Success Coordinator (SSC) for onboarding and continuous support services. The Student Success Coordinator will serve as your key support person from enrollment through graduation. If questions arise regarding registration, orientation, books or other educational concerns, the SSC is your go-to contact for support.

The student and SSC begin working together in orientation and get to know one another better in the student success meeting, which is scheduled before the first term begins. Your SSC will be your point of contact for the duration of the program. If the SSC isn’t the subject matter expert, they will research the issue and help you find the appropriate department or resource.

Students currently in the degree completion program can connect with their student success coordinator:

Alli Bracewell
(334) 844-8732