About Us.

Auburn Online is a creative unit of the Office of the Provost that enables innovation in the design, development, illustration and delivery of engaging learning experiences.

We partner with faculty to plan and create instructional materials for students that deliver content with practice opportunities and meaningful assessment of their learning for online, on-campus and non-credit courses.

Auburn Online is multi-disciplinary; we don't shy away from the complex. We are motivated, humble,and pragmatic visionaries invested in improving student learning and your course. And we are in it for the long haul, focused on outcomes and fueled by an insatiable desire to drive change.

Auburn Online believes in giving all students an equal opportunity to learn. We employ the framework of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to address the learning variability among students. By having multiple means of engagement, representation, action and expression, Auburn Online extends education to reach all learners and ensures Auburn meets its legal ADA and Section 508 requirements.


Facts and Figures.


Faculty Teaching Undergraduate
Online Courses, Fall 2019


Average Hours Earned via Online Courses, 2018-19 Graduates


Graduating Students Who
Took 1 or More Online
Class in 2018-2019


Percent of Credit Hours Delivered Online, Summer 2019


Number of Undergraduate
Courses Online 2018-2019


Number of Graduate
Courses Online 2018-2019

Our Team.

Learning Experience Design

Using sound pedagogical theories, instructional designers work closely with faculty to transform measurable learning objectives and sound assessments into engaging learning experience.

Shawndra Bowers
Lead Instructional Designer

Betsy Gilbertson
Instructional Designer

Jasmine Gomez
Instructional Design Assistant

Daniel Robinson
Instructional Design Assistant

Amy Conway
Instructional Designer

Emily Eversull
Instructional Design Assistant

Katie Rainer
Instructional Designer (Libraries Project)

Course Development Support

Developing transcripts and ensuring accuracy of closed captioning, doing the tedious work to free your time to focus on learning

Steven Bailey
Director of Long Titles

Dennis Bryant
Director of Long Titles

Jackson Themier
Director of Long Titles

Kim Holman
Director of Long Titles

MaKayla Smith
Course Development Support

Kristin Forthofer
Course Revision Specialist

Nikkiye Dzambazi
Director of Long Titles

Multimedia and Graphic Design

Designers use 2D, 3D, and 360-degree graphics and animations to weave a visual story for impactful learning.

Allen He
Director of Long Titles

Christine Chen
Director of Long Titles

August Lin
Director of Long Titles

Ali Sattari
Director of Long Titles

Allie Taylor
Director of Long Titles

A. J. Sakyi-Addo
Director of Long Titles

Tyler Hamilton
Director of Long Titles

Tiffany Tung
Director of Long Titles

Audio and Video Production

Team produces high-quality on-location, Learning Glass, talking-head, or green screen videos and narration that add instructor presence for learning experience.

Roland DeWitt
Studio Manager

Kristin Hinnant
Director and Producer

Richard Heard
Recording Studio Support Specialist

Software Development

Extending the capabilities of Canvas and other platforms to build engagement and improve faculty and student experiences.

Connor Lantz
Director of Long Titles

Holden Wells
Director of Long Titles

Jeremy Roberts
Software Developer

Robby March
Director of Long Titles

Student Support

From orientation to registration and soon on to graduation, the student success coordinator helps fully-online and Auburn First students navigate campus resources to achieve success.

Alli Bracewell
Student Success Coordinator